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“Here’s a chance for you to learn more about Ram Dass’ path, and how it might affect yours.” – Jeff Bridges, actor/producer

“Like Ram Dass himself, ‘Becoming Nobody’ is thought provoking, heart opening, fresh, wise and funny. Ram Dass changed my life and this film is a great exploration of his life and work.” – Pete Holmes, Comedian/Podcaster and star of HBO series ‘Crashing’

“This is an exquisitely beautiful movie, both profound and funny, as befits a movie about Ram Dass. It is evocative not only of his remarkable life, but of a timeless path that invites us to learn to tell the truth, love unconditionally, and be free.” – Sharon Salzberg, Author and teacher of Buddhist Meditation Practices in the West

“This film is an incredible historical document that chronicles the period of Ram Dass’ life before his stroke and presents the core of his teaching during that time. These are the very teachings that will carry Ram Dass across the ocean of suffering brought on by his stroke and the seeds that have come to fruition in his life today.” – Krishna Das, Grammy-nominated Kirtan artist & teacher

“Jamie Catto’s new gorgeous movie is a revelatory look through Ram Dass’ decades of wisdom-keeping. Comforting and yet still thrilling to us old-timers, ‘Becoming Nobody’ will bring his vibrant truths, transmissions, stories, humanity and humor to new generations.”
—Anne Lamott, Novelist, Speaker & Activist

“…and the wisdom comes like a bottomless well of infinite water – a water that leaves us blissfully silent. This film is like a friend leading us to that well. How blessed we are to quench our thirst with all the wisdom Baba Ram Dass has to share …. how indebted we are to all who were involved in its creation.” – Trevor Hall, Conscious Musician, Singer/Songwriter

“You may have heard of Ram Dass. But do you KNOW Ram Dass? A better question is, do you KNOW yourself? This film shows us the soul of a man who offers us all a chance to see our own true selves in a clear and brilliant reflection. This isn’t a documentary you watch once, this is an ever-present guide star to help us find our way any time we feel lost.” – Aubrey Marcus, NYT Bestselling Author, Podcaster, Founder/CEO of Onnit

“Jamie Catto’s exceptional work assemblies the best of Ram Dass. The title of the film says it all and is a cogent parting message from this beloved teacher whose life has been a practical spiritual example for his generation and beyond.” – Rob Sidon, Common Ground magazine